Small, Medium, or Large?

Pricing. Who wants to talk pricing? I know you do! ;) I promise to make this as painless as possible. A lot of you wonder, “How many collections should I have? Should I do three? Maybe I should do four?” As a new photographer to the business side of things, you’re bound to face dilemmas like this one. There is no manual on how to run a photography business. Yes, you can go to your local book store and find a book on “how to start a photography business,” but are you really going to read it? Is it really going to answer your questions?

When I do pricing consultations and you ask me a question like this, I like to compare it to real like scenarios. Think to back in the day before “super size,” McDonalds would ask you “small, medium, or large?” See that. Three options. Now you may be thinking, “But when they added the “super size” option wouldn’t that make it four options?” The answer is no! It’s still three options. Go to McDonalds today and you won’t be offered the small size. That’s what the Dollar Menu (think a la carte) is for now. They still only give you three options, “medium, large, or super size!”

So, don’t make figuring out your pricing harder than it really needs to be. Give your clients three package options and an a la carte option.


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    1. What about when you have more than one TYPE of Photography? Should it be three packages with-in each type? Do you have one contract or multiple?

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