Need help with your books?

Bookkeeping for photographers. Are you that person who takes a box of receipts to your accountant when it’s tax time? Yeah, I was that person once upon a time too so no need to worry I totally understand! I have a solution for you. It’s simple, easy to use, and best of all easy to understand! I’ve tried numerous programs and other spreadsheets to keep track of my business finances only to become overwhelmed. They’re either confusing and hard to understand or have too much information that you don’t need. You need something simple. Something where you can input your income, your expenses, and a few notes and that’s it. That’s exactly what I’ve created for you. It’s a straightforward money tracker. You input your income and your expenses and it will tell you how much you need to deduct for taxes and your salary. YES! I said your salary. It’s about time you start paying yourself! You can purchase my money tracker for $15.00 over in my Etsy Shop. Questions? Post them in the comments or shoot me an email,

Bookkeeping for Photographers

18 thoughts on “Need help with your books?

  1. Great idea! How about creating one just for mileage? One that will organize entries if someone were to say sit down once a month with their calendar and receipts and build a mileage log by entering distances?

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