Let’s talk relationships

When shopping at local businesses, I tend to choose the ones that seem like they care about my business. I pick the ones where I’m not just another number. A business who builds a relationship me and makes me, their customer, feel special, is something every business should be concentrating on doing. This means you too! Your customers want to feel like special. They want that boutique experience. This is what your customers are looking for.

I am genuinely interested in the success of your photography business. I would like for us to build a relationship with you like you would with someone who is actually working with you in person. We will be a team. I know when I was working full time as a professional photographer, I wished every day I had someone to chat with, to bounce ideas off of, to help me with the daily tasks of owning my own business. I know I wasn’t alone in feeling like that. Do you feel like this too?

I’m asking you to let me help you. I know that letting me in to your business, your lively hood, can be a scary thought. But just think about how much better things could be! Think about letting go and not having to worry about sitting behind the desk all day because you have so much paper work or editing to do. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you had someone who could do it all for you? Then you could actually do what you want to do, go take pictures!!

You might be afraid of the investment I’m asking you to make. But you have to give a little to get a little, you know? If you’re on the fence and aren’t for sure that we could really make this work together, I’ve got a solution for you. Give my Honeymoon Package a try. This gives you the opportunity to try up to two of my services at 35% off of the advertised price. No long term contract for you to agree too either. For your business to successful, it is imperative that you have and use the right tools. I believe I’m one of those tools. I’d love for you to give me the opportunity to prove it to you.


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