Do you Gmail?

Do you use gmail? Or perhaps a different email provider? It’s my goal today, to make your life a little easier. Well, that is, if you use gmail. Do you find yourself replying the same thing over and over again to new inquires, certain questions, blog comments, etc.? Then you need to enable this feature! It will save you time and help speed up your workflow. This is, also, a feature I use when managing client’s email accounts. Together we come up with serval “canned responses” for different scenarios. This way you, my client, know exactly what I’m sending in response to emails you have received.

Let’s get started. Log in to your gmail account. Then click the settings icon in the upper right hand corner.

001-gmail-settings-iconNext you’ll want to click on settings.

002-gmail-settings-iconNow you need to click on the “Labs” tab.


In the Labs tab, scroll down and find the “canned responses” lab and enable it.


Make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom and click “save changes.”


Now you’re ready to create your first canned response!! Next, you’ll need to compose a message.


Once you have entered your text, click on “Canned responses.” Click “New canned response.” And BAM! you’re done!


Now any time that you receive an inquiry, a new blog comment, etc. that you usually use the same general text for, you simply click on “Canned responses,” insert the proper response, and hit send!


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